Beast Lord: The New Land MOD (Unlimited Diamonds)

Play the game with Unlimited Diamonds and All Alpha Characters Unlocked
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1 August 2023
94 MB
Android 4.4 and up
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MOD Features

  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Unlock All Alpha Characters
  • No need to Root your Android device


Beast Lord: The New Land is a perfect survival strategy game you’ll fall in love with, thanks to its high-definition graphics, variety of features, exciting gameplay, creative strategies, daily missions, thrilling events, and more. 

Your role in Beast Lord: The New Land Mod APK is to find and choose fertile land and expand your kingdom. However peaceful as it might seem, any land you choose would likely have hidden dangers. 

Your team in the game would consist of a wide range of animals, including horses, lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes, and more. The team you choose would train to clear and raze the fertile land you choose to build their respective homes. 

To ensure you understand the game while enjoying it thoroughly, you need to complete various daily missions and assignments. It will provide you with many resources and helpful rewards and keep you engaged while learning more about the game’s dynamic in a simple manner. 

App NameBeast Lord: The New Land MOD APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Diamonds, Unlock All Alpha Characters
Size94 MB
Root Required?No

Unlimited Diamonds

The good thing about Beast Lord: The New Land MOD APK is that you get unlimited diamonds for free. Usually, you would need to pay money to access diamonds, which are used as in-game currency in the game. 

It helps you upgrade your colony, summon new beasts, summon alien beasts, strengthen existing beasts in your group, and get the tools necessary to expand your territory.

 Moreover, unlimited diamonds can also be used to customize beasts in the game, unlock new characters, develop new buildings, unlock new events, get more rewards, etc.

Unlock All Alpha Characters

Many Alpha characters in Beast Lord: The New Land Mod Apk are ideally unlocked using real money. 

Thankfully, you wouldn’t have to pay a single penny when you download the mod version of the game to unlock all Alpha characters.

Having Alpha characters in your colony helps defend against external enemies, empowering your colony and protecting your land. It is because Alpha characters are very powerful and can successfully lead your beasts against enemies in combat.

Unlimited Resources

Using your beasts in Beast Lord: The New Land Mod is important to gather resources. Having resources is important to keep your beasts happy and healthy and have enough resources to continue building and expanding your territory. 

You will get unlimited resources when you download and install Beast Lord: The New Land Mod APK, boosting your colony’s growth and giving you an edge over your counterparts in the game. 

  • The unlimited diamonds and resources make the gameplay so much more enjoyable and rewarding. I love being able to unlock all the Alpha characters without having to spend real money.
  • Finally found a modded version of Beast Lord: The New Land that actually works! The unlimited diamonds are a game-changer and allow me to upgrade my colony and summon beasts without any restrictions.

Game Features

Establish & Expand Your Territory 

Hidden dangers surround the territory where you and your fellow team members settle. It is your responsibility as a leader to create and provide a safe environment for your group and help establish safe colonies. 

One of the key aspects of building safe colonies and expanding your territory is the scientific arrangement of buildings. It is the key to your territory’s strategic growth and progressive and uninterrupted development. 

Summon Beasts 

One another crucial requirement for establishing and expanding your territory is to summon beasts. The more beasts you’ve in your group, the higher the chances of successfully defending your territory against dangers. 

Beast Lord: The New Land Mod is a highly exciting game, and you’ll come across many external enemies as you establish and expand your territory. 

Summoning beasts and expanding your colonies will ensure you’ve sufficient strength to depend on your survivors and territory. It also helps gather and compete for resources against other colonies in the forest land.

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Build an Alliance 

In Beast Lord: The New Land, numerous dangers exist on every corner. One of the ways you can combat these dangers is by building an alliance with other colonies. 

It will not only throttle your development and strength but act as a deterrence in keeping the enemies at bay. You need to communicate with leaders of other colonies and build a strong alliance.

 It will be helpful as many other alliances might be cropping up across the land, making way for alliance wars in the future. 

Daily Missions

The more active you’re in Beast Lord: The New Land, the more the chances of growing fast in the game. 

It is because you can earn great rewards in the game in many ways, including daily missions, events, combative tournaments, and more. 

Moreover, the game introduces new celebratory events from time to time, offering players valuable rewards. 

Download MOD APK

Are you looking to enjoy a unique survival and strategy game with animal-themed gameplay? If your answer is yes, download and install Beast Lord: The New Land MOD APK to offer you an exciting, thrilling, and strategy-oriented gaming experience. 

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