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One of the most loved as well as hated franchises in the gaming industry is Fifa. It is loved by all football fans alike and disliked by those sick of buying ‘same-ish’ games each year. Regardless, Fifa 17 for Android undeniably makes a ton of changes to the old formula, providing a fresh experience to new and old players alike.

FIFA 17 Android Game

FIFA 17 Android game Features:

  • Frostbite Engine

This may seem small, but the Frostbite engine is one of the best gaming engines out there right now. EA regularly uses this engine in games like Battlefield, NFS, and Battlefront with extremely successful results. As such, the fact that Fifa is also adopting it is a huge deal for any gamer.

  • Journey Mode

This is also a new thing in Fifa 17 Android. It is a game mode that basically provides something similar to a ‘Story Mode’ experience in Fifa. The NBA2k franchise has done it, so why not FIFA? The player basically plays out the career of a young footballer named Alex Hunter and makes progress according to choices made in-game. Also, you can try Football Manager 2019 Mobile.

  • Set Piece Overhaul

Yet another new feature in this Fifa game is the complete revamp of the set-piece routine. You will now have to control a reticle towards which the ball will be guided to. You will also be able to position your player with respect to the ball at different locations before actually taking the free-kick. This allows you to get really creative with your free kicks, something that was not possible before.

Why play it?

As far as Fifa itself is considered, there are several good games in the franchise. Fifa 17 Android happens to be one of them as well. The huge number of changes made in different areas of the game all contribute towards making it one of the best football simulations to date.

You can also download Fifa 19 APK.

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