Immortal Rising MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds)

Get Unlimited Diamonds, Gold, Free Season Pass, Time Pass, and Remove Ads with this MOD.
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5 Apr 2023
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Android 5.0 and up
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MOD Features

  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Free Season Pass
  • Time Pass
  • Remove Ads
  • Compatible with all Android versions
  • Auto-update
  • No need to root your Android device!


Combat games are famous video games and game players enjoy them for their thrilling battles and the skills the many characters in these games possess.

Unlike other fighting games where you only fight and win battles, you can farm various goods in the modified version of the Immortal Rising game to achieve growth. The game has smooth touch controls that enable players to enjoy the stylish skills some of the characters in the game come with. 

The game has some paid features which players can only access through a subscription. However, downloading the Immortal Rising Mod APK version is the best option to bypass the in-app purchases.

What is Immortal Rising Mod APK?

Immortal Rising Mod APK is a dark fantasy idle role-playing (RPG) game that allows players to create immortal characters to use and defeat the forces of evil. The game has a wide range of growth content, which enables players to experience quick progress while enjoying fascinating skills and controls. 

Players need to farm some materials to advance in the game. Players can tactically use the skills system to strengthen and increase their fighting power by merging weapons and abilities. Each weapon in the game has intriguing skill effects and animations that make the game more exciting.

The modified version of the Immortal Rising game gives you access to unlimited diamonds and gold, enabling you to buy and use any weapon to advance in the game levels. Moreover, this version does not contain ads. You can also enjoy a time and free season pass while playing the game.

  • Immortal Rising Mod APK is an amazing game! I love the smooth touch controls and the stunning skill animations. The unlimited diamonds and gold make it even more fun because I can buy and use any weapon to advance in the game levels.
  • I’m addicted to this mod! The game is super fun and the graphics are awesome. I also love that I can bypass the in-app purchases and get all the premium features for free. Definitely worth playing!
  • I love the preset feature where I can customize the characters and their abilities. The unlimited diamonds and gold make it even better.

Features of Immortal Rising Mod APK 

Apart from the usual mobile fighting games interface, the Immortal Rising Mod APK has a few other distinct features that make the game thrilling.

Some of them are:

Unlimited Diamonds

You don’t have to worry about buying diamonds with the modified version of the Immortal Rising game – unlimited diamonds are available in this Mod APK version. This mod version gives you free, unlimited diamonds to use and buy weapons and build heroes to make the gaming experience hassle-free.

Unlimited Gold

The Immortal Rising game does not require money to play. However, there are some features and weapons you must pay for before you can use them. But this Mod APK version has solved the problem by making unlimited gold available in the game. You don’t have to pay for the advanced features again because there is unlimited gold you can use to buy what you need to play the game.

Free Season Pass

Another enticing feature of the Immortal Rising Mod APK game is the free season pass. This modified version allows you to purchase the season pass with the unlimited diamonds or gold you accumulate while playing the game.

Remove Ads

The Immortal Rising game’s main version contains ads that will disrupt a smooth gaming experience at intervals. But, this modified version is free of ads. You can play the game seamlessly without ads popping up on your screen.

Time Pass

You can bypass the time and seasons in the Mod APK version of the Immortal Rising game. Use the unlimited gold and diamond in your collection to access battles and levels without being restricted by time.

Multiplayer Mode

The modified version of the Immortal Rising game has a multiplayer mode where players can fight with friends and other gamers. However, playing the multiplayer mode requires an internet connection as it is an online mode. Connect your smartphone to the internet and enter a battle with your friends and other gamers.

Specialized Preset Feature

The Immortal Rising Mod APK has a preset feature that enables you to configure your gaming characters extensively. You can develop and save various character models with this feature, each with unique powers and abilities. For instance, you can make presets for PvP fights, boss fights, or farming, among other combats.

Developing each character preset requires spending some diamonds, which is already unlimited for you in this modified version. Creating these presets makes it easier for you to fight and win battles.

Easy-to-use Touch Controls

Controlling the Immortal Rising Mod APK game is easy. The control icons on the modified version of the Immortal Rising Mod APK game are smooth and easy to use. The game has a flexible control system that allows you to dodge a hit from your opponent or fight them.

PvP Mode

The Immortal Rising Mod APK game also features a PvP (Player versus Player) mode where you can fight with your fellow human in the game. Instead of fighting with the character built into the game as the opponent, you and your opponent will connect online and fight.

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How to Install Immortal Rising Mod APK 

  • Download the Immortal Rising Mod APK file.
  • Go to your phone’s explorer or file manager and open the “Downloads” folder.
  • Touch the downloaded Immortal Rising Mod APK game file.

Toggle on the “Install from unknown source” button in your phone’s settings to enable the file to install automatically. If it’s not enabled, follow the prompt on your smartphone’s screen and enable it in your “Settings.”

Hold on for some seconds so the app will install fully. Return to your phone’s menu and touch the Immortal Rising Mod APK game icon to open the game.


Do you need money to download and play the Immortal Rising Mod APK game?

All game mod versions are free; you don’t need money to play them – including the Immortal Rising Mod APK game. Download and install the game, then go ahead and have fun. You can also play the game offline.

Does the Immortal Rising Mod APK game contain malware?

Most Mod APK games are safe to download and play; they do not have malware – including the Immortal Rising Mod APK game. Also, the game does not have ads or in-app purchases.

Download MOD

If you are a fan of fighting games, you will love playing the Immortal Rising Mod APK game. It comes with good graphics, smooth touch controls, and thrilling skill animation for every weapon in the game.

Meanwhile, if you want to enjoy the game’s full premium features without ads, download the game’s modified version now for free.

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