Embark on an exciting adventure as Doraemon in Nobihaza RPG game!
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11 Aug 2023
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Are you looking for an adventure game with a bit of a solid battlefield game plan? If you answered yes, Nobihaza is a perfect choice. 

Nobihaza is an RPG adventure game where players act as the famous Doraemon character. Also known as NobiRE Z, the horror features an interesting storyline. 

You will act as a young boy with a mysterious power to detect people’s location, rescue them if they are in danger, and sometimes wreak havoc. 

Interestingly, you’ve been able to use the power for positive reasons, like rescuing people, cleaning your room, and helping your friends complete different tasks. 

Knowing the prowess of your magical power, you decide to search and rescue your mother from her abductors. Though this sounds good and exciting, it was the toughest decision you’ve ever made. 

You realized that the quest to save your mother won’t be easy because you will battle numerous custom enemies who will put your resilience and magic to a great test. It’s quite an interesting mission!

App NameNobihaza APK
Size516 MB

Nobihaza Apk Features

  • Easy to Play 

The Nobihaza game is easy to play. You won’t have issues playing it if you follow the instructions. It’s also a lightweight game that won’t consume much space on your device. 

  • Night Mode  

Players are allowed to choose their preferred option between day and night modes. Select the one that will offer you the best user experience. 

  • Attractive Characters and Graphics 

The game’s characters and interface are beautiful due to the excellent color combinations. The Doraemon character and his friends are gorgeous, and the graphics are well-designed. 

  • Multiple Languages 

The Nobihaza APK supports many languages, including English, French, Italian, etc. 

Select your language from the available options and have an entertaining gaming session with your virtual friends. 

Why You Should Download Nobihaza APK 

  • Free Download

Nobihaza is free for all. Playing the adventure game won’t cost you anything. Explore your magical power against the enemies, check every nook and cranny, and enjoy every bit of the game as you continue your quest to find your mother’s location. 

  • No Ad Interruptions 

You won’t have to deal with annoying advertisements when you download and install the Nobihaza apk.

The game has been programmed to automatically eliminate all promotional packages that could lead to poor reviews and ratings from players. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Download APK

Can you survive the enemy’s onslaught and overcome their challenges? Will your friends provide the support needed to rescue your mother? Well, you can’t tell unless you embark on the adventure. 

It’s time to install the app and see how it goes in the Nobihaza APK.

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