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MOD Features: Unlimited Coins, Free Royal Pass, Free Boosters, Unlock All Special items, No Ads
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2 Sept 2022
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The Royal Match game is a virtual puzzle game developed by Dreams Games. It is an exciting match-3 video game that works with objects and colors. It has a palace setting that sets it apart from other video puzzle games.

Royal Match has attracted thousands of players since its launch in 2020. The game just got even more interesting with the invention of the Mod APK Version.

This article explains the game, the Royal Match Mod APK version, its features, and how to access it.

The Royal Match Game

Royal Match takes you on a journey of restoring King Robert’s royal castle while solving puzzles. It is a simple game that is played by matching objects of similar colors. Players scale through levels by meeting targets and completing tasks. You gain stars and coins as you solve puzzles in the game. These prizes are used to decorate the castle, adding a sort of personal touch to the game.

The Royal Match game has several other exciting features. These include:

  • Prizes; stars, special treasures, boosters, moves.
  • Events; King’s Cup 
  • Unique game modes; King’s Nightmare, Lightning rush, Sky race, and Team Battle
  • New areas and levels
  • Challenge friends

Features of Royal Match Game


Royal match offers players lots of prizes as they achieve objectives in the game. You earn stars and coins when you complete stages. You can also open chests to access power-ups, boosters, moves, and special treasures. For example, you create a gummy bar when you make four matches. The more you play the more you earn.

Events and tournaments

There are lots of events and tournaments on Royal Match. They are often time-limited game sessions that allow you to compete with other players on the app. For example, in the King’s Cup tournament, a player competes with fifty others.

Players also progress in ranks during events and tournaments. Rewards are assigned to players at the end of each tournament or event based on their achieved ranks.

Other events and tournaments on the app include:

  • Royal league
  • Royal pass
  • Propeller madness
  • Book of treasure
  • Team battle
  • Sky race
  • Pinatas party and many more

New Rooms and Areas

On Royal Match, tasks are grouped in areas. As players complete tasks and achieve objectives, they unlock new areas in the game. This is done by tapping on the new area button. Every new area has unique exciting features. 

Challenge and Competition

On the Royal Match game, you can challenge your friends on Facebook to games. This adds a human touch to the game. You can also invite friends to join your team by sharing your team name with them. This way, there can be inter-team games.

Players Reviews
  • I love this game ! The absolute best thing about this game to me is there’s NO ADS !!!! Also habing unlimited coins is Great!!
  • Amazing! I love this game. And it’s always updating so you can play more. It also gives me a challenge which is great.

The Royal Match Mod APK Version

The Royal Match Mod application is an updated version of the game. It has better colors, improved graphics, and more engaging features. It is also accessible to and compatible with all Android versions. 

The Royal Match game is intriguing, yet it can also be quite challenging. You have to work hard to achieve objectives, gain coins and scale up.  With the Mod APK Version, players are afforded more ease. 

Also, Mod APK versions are always smaller in size and easier to download. You can find the Royal Match Mod APK version on several trusted sites. There are also periodic updates to serve you better. 

With the Royal Match Mod APK, you get to have more fun while solving puzzles.

Features of Royal Match Mod APK

The Royal Match Mod APK provides players with limitless possibilities. Some of its features include:

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Free Royal Pass
  • Free Boosters
  • Unlock All Special items
  • No Ads
  • Access to premium features, free of cost
  • Free Hacks

Unlimited Coins

In the original Royal Match application, you only earn coins when you solve puzzles and achieve level objectives. However, the Mod APK version allows you to access unlimited coins all at once. You do not have to win in tournaments or challenges to earn coins.

Once you install the mod APK, you gain access to all the coins you need. This means you get to decorate the palace faster, buy moves, and complete levels with ease. 

Free Royal Pass

The Royal Pass is a feature that allows you access to special rewards during a 30 days event period. You also get exclusive bonuses throughout the event when you activate the Royal pass. It increases your game life from five to eight. The Royal Pass affords you several other privileges. These include:

  • Golden profile picture frame 
  • The name will be written in gold
  • Access to a bonus bank that allows you to save up to 5000 coins
  • Gifts for teammates 

In the original version, the Royal pass can only be accessed at level 37 and has to be bought at a cost. Also, it is only valid for the duration of the event.

However, with the Mod APK version, you get free access to the Royal Pass feature.

Free Boosters

Boosters make the Royal Match game much easier. They help you complete levels faster. They help remove layers of obstacles and clear rows of tiles. There are seven booster features in the Royal Match game. They are:

  • Cannon 
  • Royal hammer
  • Jester hat
  • TNT
  • Light ball
  • Rocket

Boosters can be earned from the area chest or bought with cash. With the Royal Match Mod APK version, you have unlimited access to boosters.

Unlock all Special Items

Special Items are features such as power-ups and moves. They help players remove obstacles and hit targets with ease. Special Items are earned in tournaments and events. They can also be bought with cash.

However, tournaments are not so easy to win and not all players are willing to pay for special Items. With the Mod APK version, players can access all special Items at once at no cost. 

No Ads

This is perhaps the most intriguing feature of the Royal Match Mod APK. The application is free of pop-up ads or any form of ads. This means you get to play without interruptions. 

Also, the app works perfectly offline. You can play with no WiFi or internet connection.

Final Thoughts

Puzzles are interesting but very challenging. The easier a game is, the more players it attracts. Mod APKs add a lot of ease to games.

The Royal Match Mod APK is a much better version of the Match-3 puzzle game. It has all the features of the original game with many added benefits. 


What's new

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