Waifu2x ncnn

This free image upscaling application uses artificial intelligence and the power of the ncnn framework to upscale your images while preserving their quality.
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11 Aug 2023
112 MB
Android 7.0+
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Waifu2x ncnn is an image upscale application specifically designed for Android devices. The application uses artificial intelligence to improve the quality of images. It was developed by Nihui in 2016. It is a free application that has had millions of downloads. 

The application allows its users to improve the quality of images at zero cost. It works based on the ncnn (Neural network computer vision) framework which makes the application more efficient than several other image upscalers.

Unlike some other applications, waifu2x ncnn APK increases the resolution of images and at the same time retains the quality of the image. 

App NameWaifu2x ncnn APK
Size112 MB

Features of Waifu2x ncnn APK 

Below are the features that make the Waifu2x ncnn unique from other image-upscaling APKs.

Free to Use

Waifu2x ncnn APK is a free and fully functional application that allows you to upgrade images up to 4x their real size. With this application, you get impressive results without paying a dime. The application is also free to download. 

Uses Artificial Intelligence

Another intriguing feature of Waifu2x ncnn APK is its use of artificial intelligence (AI). This application uses AI using a convolutional neural network (CNN) to identify image patterns.

Thereafter, it uses the identified pattern to upscale new images. This gives a very impressive result, as the Upscaled images look as good as the original ones. 

Saves Upscaled Images

Waifu2x ncnn APK saves the upscaled images directly to your pictures folder on your device. The app also enables you to save the image in a different folder of your choice. This feature makes the upscaled image easier to access. 

Players Reviews
  • The AI-powered technology ensures stunning results with zero loss in quality. A must-have for anyone looking to enhance their images.
  • Finally found an image upscaling app that actually delivers what it promises! Waifu2x ncnn APK is fast, efficient, and the results are absolutely fantastic.
  • The simple interface and powerful AI technology make it a breeze to upscale images without compromising on quality. It’s completely free and offers impressive results.

Settings Adjustments

Also, waifu2x ncnn App gives users access to adjust a few settings on the application to fine-tune the result of the upscaling process. For example, the default setting for sharpening your image is 10, but you can decide to adjust this to fine-tune the result. 

Simple and Intuitive Interface

The interface of Waifu2x ncnn APK is simple to use. You can quickly locate the features you need on the application. The application also has a help selection that provides more information on how to use the application. 

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Uses GPU to Accelerate Processing

The GPU is a processor specifically designed for graphics processing. Waifu2x ncnn Apk uses this processor to accelerate the processing of images, which makes you get your processed image results as fast as possible. This application uses GPU to resize images and to perform convolution operations. 


Yes, waifu2x ncnn APK is generally safe to download and use. However, be cautious not to download a malicious APK file from an insecure store. Download only from trusted sources.

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Waifu2x ncnn APK is an exciting image upscaling tool that processes images as fast as possible while preserving the quality of the images. With several interesting features of the application, you can upscale your images in real-time.

Download the application freely and have access to all the exciting features. However, be cautious not to download a malicious APK file. 

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