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Unlock all premium features and pet eggs for free with Widgetable Mod APK.
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25 Sept 2023
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MOD Features

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Widgetable is a unique and trendy personalization tool that adds life to your phone screen. Using your phone will become more fun through this app by Happeny Technology Pte. Ltd. 

Widgetable Mod APK features a wide range of tailor-made widgets that let you authentically showcase your personality and emotions.

The widgets available in the app are spread across various niches, including mood bubbles, pets, to-do lists, plants, social, and more. 

The app has a minimal appearance and interface, ensuring you have a clean screen and not scattered and tacky. You’ll get used to it within minutes, even if you’re not tech-savvy. 

Widgetable’s simplicity has helped it become one of the most downloaded personalization tools available today. 

Widgetable App is primarily used for two main reasons, including –

  • Screen Personalization
  • Sending cute messages to friends. 

Choose the widget you want to add to your screen to personalize your screen and the experience. 

Once you choose the widget you want to add, it will transform your screen immediately. No matter the widget you choose, it will keep boredom away. 

Let us briefly go through some of the widgets you can choose on Widgetable –

Pet Widget & Co-Parenting 

With this widget, you can have a pet on your home screen. It is an app that lets you experience virtual companionship.

Your pet will always be with you, making you feel you’re never alone. It’s a joyful widget that will boost your mood through cute interactions. 

Apart from interacting with your pet, you’re also responsible for caring for them by maintaining their cleanliness, cheerfulness, and dietary requirements. 

It is an engaging experience as it emotionally connects you to the pet, creating a sense of attachment, responsibility, and care.

You can also co-pet your pet with other friends and partners, fostering collaboration and teamwork with other users.

Mood Bubbles 

If you think emotions can’t be fully conveyed in the digital realm, think again. You can convey your feelings through mood bubbles that visually represent your emotions and feelings. 

Plant Widget 

The plant widget connects you with nature as you can cultivate and grow your plan through the app’s home screen. You can choose from diverse plants, including nurturing fruits, vibrant flowers, lush greenery, and more. 

Caring for and nurturing your plant and seeing it grow will inculcate a sense of accomplishment that’s really soothing. 

Unlock Widgetable Premium

If you download and install Widgetable Mod, you can unlock widgetable premium for free. Yes, you can access all the premium features and widgets this app offers for free without paying a penny. 

Unlock All Pet Eggs

One other free feature you can access in Widgetable Mod Apk is the ability to unlock all pet eggs.

This means you can pet animals of any species you want from the diverse choices available. It is a premium feature you can access in the mod version of the app for free. 

Download Widgetable MOD APK

Widgetable Mod is an innovative app that fosters meaningful interactions and makes way for emotional connections.

It seamlessly integrates creative expression and real-time connectivity with friends and other users and helps you experience virtual companionship. With its stream of apps, Widgetable converts your mobile screen into a live canvas of your mood and emotions. 

Download and install Widgetable MOD APK today, and trust us, you’ll love what this creative and innovative app offers. 

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