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Are you a big fan of mobile games? Then you must have tried playing a lot of games but here is something totally out of the box. Getting Over It is a game that you must not have played ever.

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Getting Over It APK File Information:

App NameGetting Over It with Bennett Foddy APK

About the game

Getting Over It apk is a climbing game where the player will have to climb some of the tallest mountains. It has been developed by Noodlecake Studios Inc. and is a tribute to the 2002 game named Sexy Hiking.

The game is extremely interesting and surely one of the best from the makers. It is very engrossing and there are hardly any scopes that the player might feel bored or distracted

In this game, the player will have to control all the movements just by moving the mouse correctly. The character he will be playing in the game will have to climb mountains without any break. He will also be able to jump, swing, and fly apart from climbing.

The player will thus have to use the mouse properly to ensure that the character can do all of these actions perfectly and accomplish his mission.


There are some amazing rewards that will be present at the top of the mountain. The player will be able to win them only if he manages to climb the mountain successfully without any failure. It is not that easy to reach the top of the mountain but once the player is there he is surely going to be showered with some of the best surprises of his life.

Getting Over It apk will allow the player to imitate his own climbing actions. A player will be able to relate to the techniques and methods the character in the game is using for climbing tall mountains.


He will have to guide the character accordingly and get his work done of reaching the top of the mountain. The player needs to apply the correct technique inspiring from his real life to ensure that the character is climbing the mountain perfectly.

There will be a hammer and a pot with the player as companions in his journey. This is all and the player will have to use them wisely to get his mission completed perfectly. The hammer and the pot have got specific uses that the player will get to know once he lands in the world of the game.

Jazzuo will be the guiding light for the player in this game. He will be voicing various predictions regarding different problems that the player shall meet in Getting Over It. The player will have to listen to what Jazzuo has observed and act accordingly.

No limit

This game has got no time limit and can be finished any time between 2 hours and infinity. The player will get ample time to understand and play the game and this will also help him in winning it efficiently.

A moderate time of 5 hours has been recorded by the play-testers of this game. However, that is not any limit and the player need not worry about time at all while playing the Getting Over It apk game.

The player will be able to make new records every day and in fact every time he plays the game. All the progress that the player has made in the game shall get erased once he closes the game.

This means that the player will have to be very cautious while closing the game. It is better that he completes it completely before switching off to any other work.


There are new challenges waiting for the player in every step of Getting Over It apk.

He will be pushed to the extreme level and will be tested for his patience. The player will have to maintain his calmness and make sure that he takes on the challenges bravely. This will help him in moving ahead in the game without any failure and make success entirely to his name.

The player has to be very careful while climbing the mountains or else he shall fall off to the ground. This feature of the game defines the real meaning of suffering that it promises to its players.

He will have to start afresh once he falls down and this will annoy him to the greatest extent. But the Getting Over It apk game player will have to control his emotions and go ahead as success awaits him on top of the mountain.

Players Reviews
  • Dang, this game has been quite the journey. Gave up the first time I tried it and I picked it up again around 3 weeks ago. Was determined to finish it this time and I finally managed to. I love this game’s design and aesthetic, and I love how such simple controls can create such dynamic situations and gameplay.
  • Some of the moments when you first play are kinda annoying, but the first time you beat it is so satisfying. The controls are also easy to figure out and you can get better instantly, my first time I beat it was 2 hours, next was 1 hour, then I got a 16 minute run. This game is frustrating but is still fun. Honestly just a good game.

Features of the game

  • This game is all about climbing tall mountains without any break
  • The player will have a hammer and a pot along with him on his entire journey from the ground to the top of the mountain
  • He will have to use the actions of climbing, jumping, flying, and swinging for going ahead in the game
  • There are lots of mysteries in Getting Over It apk free that will unfold gradually
  • The player will be able to win a lot of exciting rewards once he reaches the top of the mountain
  • Jazzuo will comment on the observations that he has drawn from various problems the player will be facing in the game
  • A player can take between 2 hours and infinity for finishing up the game
  • He will lose all the scores he has made in the game once he falls off the cliff


This game has got taxing gameplay and the player will have the fun of his life playing it. The graphics are beyond imagination and the animated character in the game is excellent.

All the movements of the character are inspired by real life and this will help the player to a great extent. The controls are working great and will allow the player to play effortlessly.

So, if you want to challenge your limits and go ahead then download Getting Over It apk from our website for free and start playing it.


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